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And what about sports in the Far North? This region is not just permafrost and extreme weather changes. Even in these extreme conditions the sports are developing and new spots facilities are being built.


- This year we celebrated 20 years of work at the Far North. Yamal is populated by just 500 thousand of people, but the attention to sports here is colossal!  - comments the Magnum CEO Andrei Orlov. Magnum is the primary contractor in such complex and expensive projects in the Far North.

- Here we built sports infrastructure objects, cultural and entertainment centers, playgrounds and residential complexes. -  Andrei Orlov remarks. - Our dedicated and hard work was highly appreciated by the Okrug’s administration, and top management of Gazprom Neft, Novatek, ArktikGaz, and other customers, and more importantly, - by the local citizens who definitely notice the difference.

It all started in 1999, form Anrei Orlov’s first project with the Fakel volleyball club, in Novy Urengoy. The first project was commissioned for the Gazodobytchik cultural center: Magnum equipped it with exercise machines and sports surfaces. After that, several venues followed were constructed in Novy Urengoy and Noyabrsk, and a full-scale building project began in Purpe with 12 thousand citizens.

- We had a mission to create a sports venue that would be small, but fully functional for recreation and local competitions. And this means: a 25-meter 4-lane swimming pool, a multifunctional sports hall that can be used as a court for futsal, volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball, or as a sports hall for exercise machines and for aerobics classes.

Zenit sports center, Purpe

This project became a standard design, and was used in Yamal and in other parts of Russia many times.

- The harsh climate requires special attention to people’s health When we began working in Purpe, the settlement was already 30 years old, but there were no sports facilities other than a schools sports hall, - says Andrei Orlov.

Can you imagine that? And how many villages and small settlements are there in Russia? But Purpe is really lucky The first stone in the foundation was put as a part of the city’s 30-years celebration. The older community members told how they first came to the settlement and had to sleep in tents, and couldn’t rise their heads un the morning, as the hair had frozen to the pillow. They could hardly believe that Magnum would  build a swimming pool here, that they would no longer have to take their children and grandchildren to the Big Land to teach them to swim.  This sports center was Magnum’s “first child”. It turned out that the company still looks out after it.

The next project was a multifunctional sports hall in Muravlenko. It is a tent and marquee structure that cab be easily set up or taken down and are convenient to maintain. Now it hosts a sports school.

Muravlenko sports center

This structure won the second prize in the competition of Goskomsport, which recommended it as a standard solution for small settlements. Since that day, Magnum has built a multitude of sports facilities based on this design across the country.

Well, Far North is unimaginable without hockey! But you can’t play a game outdoors. It is natural that at some point a question of Ice Palaces was raised.

-  The first Ice Palace built in Yamal by Magnum was Avangard in Tarko-Sale (2013). It was designed by a different company, but the project was halted and frozen. Gazpromneft’s Hometowns social investment program joined in and decided to fund this project. We redesigned it to be able to use new modern technologies and materials, Andrei says.

Avangard ice center

The Avangard ice center is the only sports venue in the region that has an Olympic-scale ice ring equipped with a cutting edge ice reinforcing system. The sports center opened in Omsk as the first branch of the Avangard hockey academy (based on the Avangard hockey club). Identical branches were built in 2015 in Noyabrsk and in 2017 in Muravlenko.

In 2016 an artificial Ice court was commissioned in Salekhard. Intended for training sessions and public skating. The Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitry Kobylkin attended the opening ceremony and expresses his gratitude to all workers and experts who took part in construction work. “Sports is gradually getting  popularity in Yamal. It is crucial to give our children the opportunity to do sports. We want everyone in our community to be strong, health and fit, - he said”

And in 2019 in Labytnangi (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug), the Avangard ice center opened. Total floor area of the new sports center is around 5,000 m2. It includes a multifunctional 60X30 ice arena, comfortable 400 seat stands, choreography halls and weight training halls, as well as an administration and utility unit. The rink can be used for hockey or other winter sports: figure skating, short track, or public skating.

Avangard ice center, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Avangard ice center, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Avangard ice center, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

In addition to winter sports, the center can accommodate training sessions for rhythmic gymnastics, choreography and fitness.  The new sports center was a great birthday present to the Town on its 151 year anniversary. he construction of the Ice Center was funded by the HomeTowns social investment program of Gazprom Neft and ArktikGaz. It was the fourth center constructed by Magnum in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Dozens of artists took part in the ceremony.The 2002 figure skating champion and 4-times world champion Alexei Yagudin becamethe honored guest. He gave an excellent performance and held an exciting training session for kids. Merited master of sports of Russia appreciated the Ice Center in Yamal. In his opinion, this venue can be a starting point for future figure skating and hockey stars.

And recently (in December), Magnum commissioned Polyarny sports and recreational center with a multifunctional sports hall and a swimming pool. 

Полярный фасад

The 7000 m2 sports center accommodates a 6-lane pools, a multifunctional sports hall for tea games, exercise rooms, warm-u rooms and a sauna with a steam bath. The large 1,340 m2  hall has stands for 345 people, seven seats and some extra seats for visitors with limited mobility. A sports and recreational center i fully equipped for visitors with limited mobility.

Moreover, Magnum is the general contractor and designer of the largest at the Polar circle. This project is unique not only for Salekhard but for the country as a whole. The scale is comparable to Sochi Olympic venues. This huge building accommodates an Olympic-scale swimming pool, a diving board, several large sports grounds for competitions, including 2 skating rinks, and a lot of changing rooms, aerobics halls, exercise rooms, cafes and man other facilities.

As a matter of fact, the only complex can replace almost all sports infrastructure that exists in the region.

Yamal - facade Yamal - ice

Yamal Arena is the first object for the Arctic games 2024: it will host opening and closing ceremonies, and a number of competitions.

This is not an only international scale venue, that was designed, constructed and equipped by Magnum.

A universal sports and entertainment center Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk was commissioned in the end of 2017. The 60 x 30 indoor arena for 7000 seats is intended for competitions and training drills in hockey, figure skating and short track, as well as for public skating. The village of the 2019 Winter Universiade hosted opening and closing ceremonies, and a number of competitions.

Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk

Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk

Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk

In 2019 Magnum built a multifunctional sports center Zhavoronki in Odintsovo. It will offer classes i gymnastics, acrobatics, sports dancing, and PE. The unique indoor cluster offers sports facilities for 22 sports and has stands for 2.500 people. It can be used  for  for sports competitions as well as entertainment events at various levels. It has a 2,500 seats arena, telescopic tribunes, facilities for entertainment events and competitions, a 300 rooms hotel, and an outdoor grounds for game sports: soccer, volleyball, hockey,

Zhavoronki universal sports center Zhavoronki universal sports center

This sports center is unique in its architectural solution, as well as in its functionality. After commissioning this venue will definitely become a center of attraction for the local community, and the place where regional and international events are hosted.

Over the 20 years of its history, Magnum has designed, built, and equipped over 50 venues in the Far North regions.

  • 1999–2008: 7 facilities equipped
  • 2008–2019: 39 facilities designed, equipped and constructed, including large-scale flat outdoor facilities.
  • 2008–2019: 8 facilities designed
  • At the moment 2 facilities are under construction: Yamal Arena in Salekhard and a residential complex for shift workers in the Tazovskoy settlement.

So, remember that sports are flourishing in Yamal.
Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for the Arctic Games!