Sports and recreation center North Artek, Magadan

Project description

This all-year-wound sports and recreational center is located on the territory of a sports and recreational camp. It includes 3 main spaces: a pool for 40 people, an administration and accommodation unit and a universal gymnasium with stands for 400 people.

Construction area: 2,900 m2
Total building floor area: 4,500 m2
Building height: 13.3 m

The center has two entrance zones that divide the stream of visitors in an ergonomic manner: the athletes enter from the south-east, and the audience enter from the north-west.
The architectural solution of the facade is created by simple and neat lines of three different textures: light-reflecting metal, matt white panels and woodgrain panels.

Architecture team:
  • Vitaliya Bilkey
  • Natalya Popova
  • Anna Ilyinskaya
  • Ilya Igrevskiy

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