Multifunctional sports and recreation center Yamal-Arena, Salekhard


Project description

This is a sports and recreational center for competitions and training sessions in hockey, figure skating, short track, swimming, three meter diving, and other watersports. It can also be used for training in handball, futsal, tennis and badminton.

The center is composed of: a large ice arena (60 x 30 m) with a stand for 3000 people; an ice arena (60 x 30 m) for training; a fitness center; changing rooms, shower rooms, a medical and recreational center.

Total area: 25,196.60 m2
Construction area: 18,796.45 m2

The center can be used for public entertainment: there are stands for 3000 people, and an indoor ice rink that can be converted into a concert hall or an exhibition space.

The project also includes retractable stands, and a number of utility and technical rooms for convenience and comfort during such events.

Architecture team:
• Victor Gurchev
• Natalya Zueva
• Alexey Chernikov

Engineering and design team:
• Vladimir Murachkin
• Irina Bednova
• Denis Manchenko
• Oleg Gavrilenko
• Alexey Balbalin
• Valentina Kovaleva
• Sergey Burykin
• Denis Morozov
• Anna Zvereva
• Alina Pozdnyak
• Eugeny Soldatov

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