Multifunctional sports center Zhavoronki, Moscow region

Project description

This is a multifunctional sports venue for gymnastics, dance sport, swimming and general fitness training.

It includes a sports and recreational center with a swimming pool, choreography room, dance rooms and a dormitory to host the visiting sportsmen, who come for training sessions or training camps.

Construction area: 5,855 m2
Total object area: 13,663 m2

The venue is designated for lively and dynamic sports. The architecture and design had to reflect this wonderful spirit, infusing every interior detail with a positive mood, helping the athletes to make the most of their training and to win the competitions.

КArchitecture team:
  • Lidiya Pchelina
  • Anton Batura
  • Yana Sheludko
  • Natalya Karataeva
  • Natalya Zueva
  • Elena Shetinkina
  • Ilya Igrevskiy
  • Alexey Chernikov

Engineering and design team:
  • Ilya Kaplunov
  • Darya Kovaleva
  • Sergey Burykin
  • Denis Morozov

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