20-thousand seats stadium, Ufa

Project description

The stadium is designed as an important part of the city, woven into the natural landscape. The atmosphere of the place is highlighted by the architectural expressiveness of bionic shapes, the curves of the river, the landscape, the texture. The flat facade is framed by cell shapes that add lightness and airiness to the composition. The main ‘bowl’ is a rounded square, allowing a lot of natural lightning to enter from the external boarder of the stadium and from the open galleries of the internal part of the stands.

The stadium territory includes sports fields and recreational zones preserving the original wooded landscape, as well as parking lots for various categories of visitors, an athletics field and some local attraction points for the visitors.

Total area: 62,500 m2
Construction area: 68,100 m2
Stadium height: 35m
4 floors
Stands capacity: 20,000 people

Most of the stands are on the first level, and go round the whole sports field. On the second level, there are VIP boxes, commentary booths and a press room.

The East sector of the second level can be extended by bleachers, to increase the stadium capacity to up to 25,000 people.

When the stadium is not used for sports, it can host converts and other entertainment events.

Architecture team:
  • Vitaliya Bilkey
  • Natalya Popova
  • Anna Ilyinskaya
  • Yulia Kiseleva
  • Ilya Igrevskiy
  • Aleksey Chernikov

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