Curling and hockey center, Moscow


Project description

The object is located in the Krasnopresnenskiy district of Moscow (Presnenskiy park), and the limited space, along with an unusual neighbor – House of the Government of the Russian Federation, influenced the design and planning of this venue.
Curling and Hockey center in composed of several units, located on different levels:
Level 1 – for sportsmen and the public
Level 2 – a separate entrance zone for the audience and administration
Level 3 – spacious areas that can be rented out
The central zone is the unique convertible ice arena. It can be divided into two rinks: for the professional athletes and for the public.
The arena can be transformed into:
- classic ice arena for competitions with one stand
- classic ice arena for competitions with two stands
- two hockey zones (public skating and training)
- two hockey zones and two curling zones (4 zones)
- a concert hall with a scene
- a competition-level classic ice arena with mobile stands.
The capacity of the temporary mobile stands is 2,413 people.
All visitor flows are separate and do not cross, there are separate entrance zones.
The strict exterior is explained by the proximity to the signature building – the House of the Government, an industrialized neoclassic piece. From each angle the arena building is presented in a new way, the four facades are different but resonate in harmony, as they have similar details, lines and rhythm. The architectural and special idea is the ensemble of the internal functionality and external austerity.
Total area: 16,712 m2
Building height: 19 m
Number of floors: 3 + technical floor and parking

  Architecture team:
  • Vitaliya Bilkey
  • Natalya Popova
  • Anna Ilyinskaya
  • Yana Sheludko
  • Anton Batura
  • Anastasia Galuzina
  • Ilya Igrevskiy
  • Alexey Chernikov

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