Universal sports and recreation center Prezidentskiy, Magadan

Project description

Despite the small size of the spot, the architectural and volume conceptual planning manages to fill this space with as many sporting facilities as one could imagine.

The total area of the sports center is 14,000 m2. It is composed of 5 main spaces: A universal gymnasium, a gym and a boxing/wrestling room; a swimming pool for competitive swimming and a seawater pool; an ice arena for hockey training and public skating; a thermal recreational and medical facility; a unit for the audience with stands and accompanying utility facilities.

The internal public spaces of the entrance zoned are arranged in a manner that allows plenty or air and natural lightning. To implement this idea a special multilevel space was created between the building floors, with “flying” ramps for streams of people flowing between the units, and a skylight that lets in the sunlight.

A dynamic, minimalistic look of this public sports space symbolizes movement, conciseness, discipline, and functionality.

Architecture team:
  • Vitaliya Bilkey
  • Eugeny Gribov
  • Natalya Popova
  • Yulia Kiseleva
  • Ilya Igrevskiy
  • Alexey Chernikov
Engineering team:
  • Pavel Biryukov
  • Sergey Dryuk
  • Dmitry Strelnikov
  • Ivan Novikov

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