The Magnum company is engaged in the integrated implementation of projects for the external and internal design of sports facilities, both as part of a global task - the design, construction and equipping of sports facilities, and separately.

Extensive experience, production base, use of modern technologies allow the company to implement projects of any complexity.

Development of Cut-Guide, design projects, internal and external navigation systems.
Territory information planning.
Implementation of navigation systems and installation of various types of structures.


Cut-guide is a step-by-step guide for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of all outdoor advertising media used in the design of objects.

This set of design and technical documentation, containing drawings and diagrams, describes the sequence of actions and gives a list of materials necessary to perform the work. It allows you to accurately reproduce any detail of the exterior design by any contractor. Cut-guide is needed in order to arrange the necessary objects in a single style in compliance with the principles of corporate identity, and will also be indispensable for quality control of the work performed.

In addition, Cut-guide is a fully prepared tender task, which greatly simplifies the competitive procedure for selecting a contractor.


The design project consists of sketches, diagrams, drawings, specifications indicating the materials used, layouts of color schemes and color schemes.

The professional Magnum team is able to create a design project of any complexity. In the process of its development, specialists with higher technical, design, artistic education are guided by the wishes of the customer, accumulated experience and rely on innovative technologies used in the field of advertising and production business.

When developing a design project, the customer receives several different 3D images (visualizations), as well as technological expertise, which makes it possible to manufacture the developed structures based on the proposed design solution in accordance with the technical norms and rules in force on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Large-sized structures with an area of ​​more than 3 m2 are developed taking into account snow and wind loads. If necessary, a project for the power supply of structures can be prepared as soon as possible.


The development of systems of navigation and information signs is necessary for the effective orientation of spectators, as well as for special and emergency situations.

The work includes the development of systems for designating the premises of a sports facility; numbering systems for stands, tiers and sectors; systems for informing visitors about services at a sports facility; sponsorship advertising systems.

Internal and external navigation of the building allows a large flow of people to navigate the sports facilities. A well-designed signage system allows thousands of people and vehicles to arrive, move and leave smoothly and smoothly in a short period of time.

Interior advertising media are located indoors, are not subject to temperature changes and precipitation, and therefore, in their manufacture, it is possible to implement the most daring creative ideas and use almost any materials to ensure the impeccable quality of the final product.


A facade sign is an integral part of the advertising and information design of an object and the main carrier of corporate style. It can be made in any shape and size, and also be illuminated at night.


The roof structure is a complex design product located on the roof of a building. Of the huge range of most advertising structures, roof structures have the greatest effect of attractiveness. Significantly increases the image of the company for absolutely any field of activity, dramatically increases the recognition and visual memory of the advertising audience.


An advertising stele is installed near buildings and crowded places to inform about the route to the object and information about it, and is also an important and indispensable component of the corporate style as a whole.


Each time during the complex implementation of projects for the external and internal design of sports facilities, the Magnum team of specialists feels a huge responsibility, thanks the customer for the trust placed in them, and brings their facilities from an idea to a red ribbon.