A new ice court commissioned in Salekhard on the 18th of September

A year ahead of schedule, Magnum commissioned a new ice court in Salekhard. It is designed for training and mass skating.

On September 18 in Salekhard, the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitry Kobylkin attended the opening of an indoor sports ground with artificial ice. The governor thanked everyone who participated in the construction of this facility. “Sports in Yamal are gaining more and more in popularity. It’s essential for our children to have an opportunity for doing sports. We want them to be fit, strong and healthy,” he said. The building consists of three units: a unit for students and visitors, a skating rink with artificial ice and an engineering and technical unit. The building has locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, skate sharpening stations and first aid stations, a coaches' lounge, security rooms, an administrator’s office, a room for an ice resurfacer, emergency exits, as well as ramps for people with limited mobility. 

Technical features

The court building was built without a pile foundation and is not raised above the ground, which is not typical of the Far North. According to new technology, there are two layers of pipes in the base: the upper layer freezes ice in the arena, and the second layer freezes the soil above permafrost, which never melts.

Each sport requires its own ice temperature - 8 degrees Calcius for hockey players to drive aggressively, and minus 7 degrees Celsius for smoother skaters. If the temperature is lower, the ice just breaks unto pieces. Therefore, the thickness of the ice from the banner grid is 5 centimeters. The markings are applied on the white background created of synthetic materials and paint. Maintaining a special microclimate is the most important thing on the court. For this, special temperature and humidity sensors are installed, to help maintain the necessary values.

The metal structures that were used for the construction of the court are produced in Russia, the specific equipment is produced in other countries. The area around the ice rink is landscaped. There is a gymnasium and a basketball court. The running tracks and an obstacle course are arranged around the building.

There is a 5-year’s warranty for the ice court. But Magnum experts are sure that overhaul will not be needed for at least a quarter of a century. Meanwhile whole generation of champions will be raised here.