The residential estate is designed to accommodate gifted children. It will operate all year round. Children will be able to both engage in sports activities and live here.
A three-storey building will have a courtyard, a recreational area as well as experimental vegetable patches for gardening classes.
The first floor will consist of two parts: utility area (medical block, service rooms, laundry) and public area (lobby, locker rooms, a lecture hall with a bandstand, foyer, dining hall with full cycle kitchen, utility and engineering rooms)

The second floor will have blocks of 2-3 three-person bedrooms, each with a shared bathroom and shower.
The third floor will have classrooms (lecture rooms, laboratories, teachers’ room, co-working space, media library, free classrooms for project activities), administrative and teaching staff rooms, as well as a block of bedrooms for camp caretakers, recreational areas, winter garden, and technical facilities.
The sports complex is also designed for year-round use and includes three main objects:

  • swimming pool with a capacity of 40 people
  • offices and utility block;
  • multi-purpose sports hall with grandstands (400 seats)

The sports hall is designed for physical education classes and sports events
Excavation and foundation casting works are scheduled for this year, and probably metal framework construction will also commence by the end of 2021. The buildings are prefabricated frame structures with sandwich panels and first-class finishing. Magnum has huge experience in construction of such buildings.

Magnum LLC is currently building the President’s Multifunction Sports and Fitness Center in Magadan. Once the project documentation is ready, the construction works will also commence on the all-season ski jumping facility in Solnechny Microdistrict and Elena Valbe ski stadium in Snezhnaya Dolina. 

This brings the total number of Magnum’s current construction projects in Magadan to five:
  1. The housing facility in the territory of the Northern Artek recreation camp;
  2. The sports center with a swimming pool in the territory of the Northern Artek recreation camp in Magadan (to be constructed by a contractor company from the Moscow region);
  3. The all-season Elena Valbe ski stadium;
  4. The all-season ski jumping facility for local young athletes will be built in Solnechny;
  5. The President’s Multifunction Sports and Fitness Center.