At “Belgorod Arena”, preparations for the Super Final of the Student Basketball Association are coming to an end.
From June 3 through June 5, 2021, the nation’s strongest college basketball teams will play the decisive phase of the championship.
The “Belgorod Arena” sports complex is a unique arena of Olympic scale with a capacity of 10 thousand spectators. It is a five-store multifunctional space that hosts mass sports and cultural events of different levels: volleyball, basketball, handball, mini-football, tennis and other sports competitions, exhibitions, circus shows and concerts.
Magnum carried out the full range of works to equip the arena with sports equipment.
Arena includes:
• main arena for competitions of various levels;
• multipurpose room;
• martial arts room;
• gym.
For concerts and trainings in the main room, a DLW natural linoleum flooring was installed, which is also suitable for competitions in boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and other sports.
For basketball competitions, Haro Rome 20 demountable parquet was delivered and installed in the arena. The flooring is FIBA-certified. In the future, this surface will be used as a cushioned layer for volleyball competitions. The volleyball competitions are carried out on a Gerflor demountable flooring.

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The multipurpose room features FIBA-certified Haro Berlin parquet.
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The martial arts room and gym are equipped with Foreman and Sparta gym machines, and the floor is covered with Mondo Impact flooring.
All sports facilities were supplied with equipment from the world-class manufacturers: Senoh, Interplastic, Schelde sport, Spieth, etc. All equipment is certified by the international bodies.
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Multimedia technologies were delivered, installed, connected and commissioned, including media facades of the building, video perimeter and video cube in the main arena.
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The design of the visual information and info planning system of the arena area was also developed as a part of the contract. External and internal navigation elements were produced and installed.4 (4).jpeg

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