Magnum began mounting the metal structures for the Olympus soccer arena

As part of the target investment program of the city of Moscow for 2014 - 2016, a training soccer field with infrastructure will be constructed at the Moskomsport Olympic Reserve Sports School "Labor Reserves" (Suzdalskaya St., 40), in the East of Moscow. Here a soccer arena with an administrative building and an indoor parking lot for special equipment will be built, as well as driveways, a turn parking lot, a parking lot for cars and bus platforms.

Design and construction work at the Olympus Stadium is carried out by Magnum. The facility is to be commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

On the first floor of the building there will be a soccer arena, and on the second floor - a gym. The hall allows the installation of universal exercise machines that can be used by regular visitors and are accessible for visitors with limited mobility. One-time capacity of sports zones is 80 athletes. Specifically: the soccer arena can accommodate 64 people, and the gym - 16 people.

To date, the installation of monolithic foundations of the soccer arena and administrative center has been completed. The metal structures of the soccer arena are under construction.