Magnum began construction works to build a kindergarten in Muravlenko

The kindergarten, with a capacity of 230 children, can host 12 groups of children with sleeping rooms, games rooms and dining zones. It has a music room, a sports hall, medical, utility and kitchen units, classrooms classes with teachers, a psychologist and a speech therapist, as well as a swimming pool. It was decided to use bright colors and prints of children's hands for the decoration.


The institution will be located in one of the oldest districts, where the housing is being actively updated. The construction was launched by the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region Governor Dmitry Kobylkin, the head of Muravlenko Alexander Podoroga and the general director of the city-forming enterprise Valery Chikin, We can also add that under the Hometown social investment program in Muravlenko, the multifunctional Zenit sports hall, the summer city stadium, the Muravlenko sports center, and many more facilities have already been built.