Magnum finished delivery of the seats for the new stadium of the Krasnodar soccer club

October 9, 2016 was a significant date in the history of the Krasnodar Soccer club. On this day, in a friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Costa Rica, the club officially opened a new ultramodern stadium.

 Specially for equipping the stadium of the Krasnodar soccer club, Stechert, the world-famous manufacturer of seats for sports stadiums, has developed a unique model of seats in the public and business categories, called Tondo due to its rounded shapes.

Magnum installed:

– 30,786 seats of the “public” category;

– 2,826 seats of the “business” category (padded seats hat have armrests with built-in cup holders)

– 146 rotating seats for press.

The color scheme of the stands is designed to visually expand the interior space of the stadium: bright green seats installed at the border of the field merge with the color of the soccer pitch. As you move up, the seats become darker, fading into into the black media screen installed around the perimeter of the stadium. The stands are equipped by the seats in five different colors.