The fall marathon for Magnum

A marathon in sports is the maximum stress at the limit of physical capabilities, a test of survival. Or a standard staining session. A working marathon is a long and intense course of events that leads the team to a specific result. The year 2016, and especially its fall, can only be called a marathon for Magnum. A marathon in which the red finish ribbon is cut multiple times, to celebrate the next completed stage, a new success story and yet another open sports facility.                   

In this review article you will find information about the last commissioned facilities.

09/03/2016. Noyabrsk. "Vyngapurovsky" sports center. 

The new multifunctional sports center with a 5-lane swimming pool is a gift for the Town Day for the residents of the Vyngapurovsky district - the remote district of Noyabrsk. The company "Magnum" designed and built the facility, fully equipped it with the necessary equipment and delivered it on a turn-key basis. This is a major contribution to the development of the sports infrastructure of the village. The building consists of two floors, on the ground floor there is a multifunctional sports hall, on the second floor there is a gym, sauna and a swimming pool with five swimming lanes of 25 meters each.

Andrey Orlov, General Director of Magnum:

“The center is suitable for all residents of the district - from soccer lovers to swimmers. The facility housed a universal sports hall and gym, a martial arts hall and a 25-meter pool. The sports center is fully adapted for people with disabilities, so everyone can play sports on equal terms. For visitors with disabilities, an elevator is provided, and the shower has a separate booth. The area around the building is asphalted, parking spaces are allocated for cars, including parking places for disabled visitors.”

The sports center has everything for volleyball, futsal, swimming, and adaptive sports. The weight training room is equipped with 15 multifunctional exercise machines. The pool is equipped with an up-to date water filtering and purification system. The building is completely constructed from domestic materials. Equipment and gear are also produced by Russian manufacturers. 

09/09/2016. Nadym. Soccer stadium in the 13th district. 

An artificial turf soccer stadium was commissioned in festive atmosphere in the 13th district of Nadym. Magnum commissioned it by the Day of the Town. The equipment of the sport venue is not only adapted for northern conditions, but also meets the most ambitious ideas about a modern urban sports facility.

At the soccer stadium, Magnum installed artificial turf, mounted stands for spectators for 462 seats, installed lighting masts, a protective curtain and a scoreboard. The size of the soccer stadium playing area is 90 by 60 meters, the total artificial turf area is 6500 square meters. For the audience, collapsible stands with a canopy were installed, and including accessible places for people with disabilities.

The drainage system enable the use of the stadium all-year-round. The soccer field can be converted into a hockey field. The field turns into a skating rink when the ice is poured on a snow cushion laid directly on the grass.

09/18/2016. Salekhard. Indoor ice rink 

A year ahead of schedule, Magnum commissioned a new ice court in Salekhard. It is designed for training and mass skating.

The building consists of three units: an administrative unit, an ice rink with artificial ice and a unit of engineering and technical premises. There are locker rooms, a first aid station, bathrooms, showers, skate sharpening station, a coaches' lounge, security rooms, an administrator's office, a room for an ice resurfacer, and ramps for people with limited mobility.

The metal structures that were used for the construction of the court were made in Russia, the specific equipment is foreign. The area around the ice rink is landscaped. There is a gymnasium and a basketball court. The running tracks and an obstacle course are arranged around the building.

10/28/2016. Tarko-Sale "Purovsky" pool. 

The pool that has just been built in Tarko-Sale will receive a commissioning permit on the 28th of October.

The new pool has six lanes, its dimensions are 25 by 11 m. The main building is equipped with stands that can seat 112 people. The one-floor building with a total area of 2,870 square meters, also has a swimming pool for children and people with disabilities and a gym, as well as medical services rooms, coaches lounges and a buffet.

The facility became the final part in the Avangard sports center, which includes an ice arena and a track and field stadium, which opened in September 2015.

Dmitry Kobylkin, Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, presented the awards on September 3, 2016.

For personal contribution to the construction and commissioning of sports facilities in the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the General Director of Magnum LLC Andrei Orlov was awarded an honorary diploma of the governor. The Magnum company, in collaboration with oil industry companies, built the Avangard sports center, the Noyabrsk stadium, the Zenit sports center and many other facilities in Noyabrsk, including the Vyngapurovsky sports center that opened on that day. 

Currently, several more sports facilities are being built on the Yamal Peninsula.

In August 2016, pile driving began at the construction site of the Yamal Arena sports and fitness center in Salekhard, and in the fall, the purchase of building materials will begin. The construction workers will install metal structures before the end of the summer of 2017, and close the contour of the field at the end of summer.

Yamal Arena will become the world's largest sports center, located at the polar latitudes. It will include: an ice arena with spectator stands for 3,000 seats, a strength training hall and a choreography hall, training ice, a universal hall, a 50-meter pool with jump towers and stands for 500 seats, and parking.

In 2017, the following projects will be completed and commissioned: an indoor hockey rink with artificial ice in Muravlenko, a training ice rink with artificial ice and a sports and fitness center with a universal gym and a swimming pool in Labytnangi.

In 2018, under the Gazprom Neft company’s Hometowns social investment program, 190 children of the 8th district of Noyabrsk will receive a new kindergarten with an indoor sportsground.

Magnum designed, has built or is currently building these facilities in Yamal as part of the Gazprom Neft Hometowns program, which has been successfully implemented for five years. This review has combined recent examples that illustrate the company's commitment to justifying its customers' choices.