Udmurtia: Magnum solved the challenge of equipping the Yubileyniy stadium in tight schedule

The jubilee 25th republican summer rural sports games were held in the village of Sigaevo, Sarapul district, on July 5-9. As part of the preparations of the stadium in Udmurtia for the 25th anniversary of the rural republican games, Magnum installed the track and field surfaces and artificial turf.

Magnum equipped a soccer field with an area of 5700 sq.m. (60x95m) and 3283 sq.m. running tracks for track and field, soccer and futsal. A universal 544 m2 playground was also prepared (17х32 m) for volleyball, tennis, basketball.

For the soccer field, the Condor Grass SOCCERPLAY 40 mm was used. For tracks - roll coating of colored rubber crumb roll surface was installed, Sportflex Super X 10 mm track and field surface (manufactured by S.p.A). Mondo.

Over two decades of 1992–2015, since their first days, rural sports games in Udmurtia have become the most popular cultural and sports event for the villagers. Before the Games opening, the first deputy minister for physical education, sports and youth policy Pavel Vechtomovt old reporters that the new stadium is being built on the site of the old one, where the first republican sports games were held 25 years ago, and the construction is successfully nearing completion. “This is a fundamental structure with professional surface,” said Vechtomov.