Nadym: a grand opening of the soccer stadium constructed and equipped by Magnum

The size of the pitch with artificial turf is 90 x 60 meters, the stands with a canopy seat more than 450 spectators, and there are places for people with disabilities. The stadium can also be used in winter, turning the soccer field into a hockey court. The construction was carried out as part of the Gazprom Neft Hometowns social investment program.

The opening ceremony of the sports facility was attended by the head of the Nadym region, Leonid Dyachenko, deputy of the Tyumen Regional Duma Fuat Sayfitdinov, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Marat Abdrakhmanov and Igor Gerelishin, deputy general director of Gazpromneft-Muravlenko Nikolai Shestopalov and other guests of honor.

The full-fledged standard soccer was appreciated by the players. A member of the city team Andrei Mezhenny is impressed with what is happening: “For a good game you need a suitable field surface. Now we have it. You see an artificial turf filled with special silicone balls. This surface is very comfortable to run on, it gave us new opportunities, and the quality of the game will be completely different. You can reach the required speed here, and your physical shape will get better. In addition, the matches will not last 25 minutes each, but, as they should in soccer, - 45 minutes each. This is our first big pitch and now we will develop real professional sport mastery, before that we could only play futsal. "