Strong team spirit is part of Magnum's corporate identity

The team is the most valued Magnum asset, especially when the people have worked for the company since its foundation. The team is perhaps even more important than innovation. 

Strong team spirit is part of Magnum's corporate identity

The fist sports flooring system

The first sports flooring was sold in 1990-s to a customer from Mariupol, a leading local volleyball team, for theirnewly built sports center. The floor was the finishing touch, but not an easy one. A supervisor from Germany had to be invited to the site for consultations, but the actual works (950 m2 of professional flooring) were performed by the three Magnum workers. It was the first flooring project for Magnum. The workers studied the technology, learned the patterns and wrote down the new information, to be able to deliver this kind of projects on their own, without the help from abroad. 

Another flooring contract was signed to mount the same surface in a large sports center in Saints-Petersburg. This time, the works were delivered by Magnum team without supervision. 

In 1999, Magnum got down to mounting parquet flooring, and then to artificial turf on a small open field for a customer from a fitness industry. The team advanced their skills, took up larger work volumes, began to work with new products – various sports roll flooring, ad parquet flooring on various types of subfloor. The workers had to learn on the go, picking up best practices and attending manufacturers’ workshops.

The first football field

The key issue in those years was the lack of specialized education for assembly and fitting experts who wanted to work with artificial turf. When the contract was signed, Magnum had to send its experts to Belgium and France. They spent five days on studying the technology, taking the photos, writing everything down and learning the tips and tricks. After that, they started a project on the Sokol stadium near Kurskaya metro station in Moscow. Magnum team surfaced the whole field – and that was 120 tons of sand, and 160 tons of rubber granules. Their only tools were two-wheeled wagon carts and loading hoppers, spades, and brushes. Today we use sand infill and brusher machines, but years ago the sand and granules had to be rubbed into the grass fibers by hand. To connect two pieces of the grass by joint tape, or to cut and adjust the marking was not the most difficult task even for manual work. But the cutting tools were not readily available in stores, and had to be designed and made by the team. Step by step, five workers managed to mount the 7,000 square meters of the surface in a month and a half. Several years later, the company ordered specialized machinery for similar projects of large artificial turf fields.       



In 2002-2003, the CSKA soccer and track & field arena was added to the Magnum case portfolio. It is one of the earliest and important facilities. The works on the arena began with a large-scale reconstruction and repairs, including complete resurfacing of the track and field facilities, and mounting new certified surface on a subbase, on straights and curves of the running tracks. First, we had to remove at least 9,000 m2 of the old surface manually, as the company didn’t have the required mechanical equipment yet. It took lees than two weeks to clear the subbase from the old surface and begin the works on the new roll surface by Mondo. It was the first roll surface project, so Italian experts arrived at the site to supervise mounting. The arena still uses the same surface for numerous events, such as Russian Winter, Russian Championship Cup, and kids’ training sessions.

The next project required comprehensive equipment procurement for Uralochka-NTMK volleyball club facility - Metallurg-Forum Sports Palace in Nizhny Tagil. Two thousand square meters of parquet flooring were mounted; protection nets along the court perimeter, sound curtains, seating on the stands, and displays were installed. 

The next project was equipment procurement and assembly for Olimpiysky Ice Palace in Chekhov. The list of equipment included sports parquet, stationary and extendable stands, and the gym on the second floor (1,000 m2 of parquet flooring). By this time, the key members of our assembly and construction team had joined the team, and most of these people still work with us, even 15 years later. 


Scale and expertise

Over the next years, the experience and skills of Magnum experts continued to grow. The mounting works included: sports parquet flooring, roll flooring, seating on stands, protective nets; the venues included sports centers and recreational facilities around Moscow, and the facilities of the United Russia party federal program. Mondo track & field surfacing was mounted on 8 stadiums in Krasnodar region. It was also installed at a number of important events: Europe Cup in Cheboksary, the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Luzhniki (where reconstruction works were performed for Sports town area, The South part, the North part and, of course, for the main Russian stadium – the Big sports arena).

For Kazan Universiade, construction and equipment works were delivered in the Olympic village and on Kazan Arena. For the Children of Asia International Sports Games in Yakutsk, a roll flooring was mounted in indoor track & field arena.

The geographic locations and scales of Magnum projects are impressive. We are proud of our expert assembly and engineering team.