FAN FEST – the main FIFA World Cup 2018 Showroom

FIFA World Cup 2018 will be remembered as the most exciting and the most convenient, best served and most secure of all World Cup events. The 2018 World Cup Games took place from June 14 to July 15 on 12 stadiums of 11 Russian cities. 


In addition to World Cup games, the beauty of Russia will stick in memories of millions of soccer fans. Festivals and shows for fans took place in all World Cup cities, but the biggest one was organized by Magnum in Moscow, on Vorobyovy Hills. It was nicknamed ‘ the main showroom of Russian hospitality’.

FAN FEST – the main FIFA World Cup 2018 Showroom

General contract for turnkey construction works on the main Moscow FIFA Fan fest zone on Vorobyovy Hills is the most significant project that Magnum delivered during FIFA World Cup 2018. An event of huge importance and scale, and therefore of huge responsibility, was entrusted to Magnum by Moscow Direction of Sports and Entertainment. 


One of the highest points in Moscow was chosen for FIFA Fan Fest 2018. It is a historic place that had to be preserved with minimum environmental impact, by creating a ‘city in the city’.


The work scope was divided into three stages: 1) site preparation and mounting of structures 2) operations and maintenance 3) demounting. A large number of tent structures was installed, including ambulance station, press accreditation center, VIP-zones, entrance spaces, internal and external fencing, and area partitioning. A large part of works included installing WCs for the site service staff, delivering container units, arranging the lighting system, and water infrastructure for all temporary structures on the site. Furnishing included bicycle parking, gadget charging stations and furniture delivery, territory branding, supply of video equipment and mounting navigation signs. 


Branding was perhaps the most challenging part of the project. It is always windy on the hills. The team had to envisage potential weather conditions, plan and implement the type of mounting hardware that would hold all structures in case of a windblast, so that everything stayed in place and didn’t fall over. Another challenge was the stage installation – it had an unusual dome shape (a traditional stage is rectangular) and an outstanding height (of almost a 9-floor building), and had to hold the main 144 m2 video display, and 11 additional displays. Apart from that, there were stage equipment, lighting, and two huge sound towers.  


It was the first time when Magnum was chosen as the general contractor for such a grandiose event. Of course, Magnum had delivered design and construction projects for a number of important sports competitions. For example, Magnum performed some works for the 14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 2013, namely, running track resurfacing and upgrading stands to install commentary booths, press boxes and guest boxes. A significant scope of works was delivered to prepare Kazan venues to the 2019 Universiade. However, FIFA Fan Fest was the first large-scale turnkey project. Together with its partners, Magnum prepared and constructed the facilities, provided their smooth maintenance during the whole FIFA World Cup month and demounted all structures afterwards, preserving the original state of the site.

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