Soccer and track & field stadium in Saransk

When the 2018 FIFA World Cup was just a couple of months away, a soccer and track & field stadium opened in the capital of Mordovia. It is a unique all-year-round training location for soccer players and track & field athletes. Magnum procured and mounted the track & field surfacing.

New soccer and track & field stadium in Saransk


In 2006 Russian Football Union created Privolzhye – an interregional training center for young soccer players, and in 2008 a subprogram was undertaken to develop soccer as a part of the 2015 sports and fitness federal target program. 


During this subprogram, an indoor soccer and track & field arena was constructed in 2010-2018. The total floor area is 31,907 m2. The arena accommodates a soccer field with a state-of-the-art artificial surface, eight 400-meter running lanes, facilities for long jumps, high jumps and pole vault, and stands for 1,480 people.


Soccer and track & field stadium in Saransk is part of the Olympic reserve facilities, which include a swimming pool and a hotel. The stadium is known as the only Russian “indoor stadium” with 8 IAAF compliant full-scale lanes and a FIFA compliant full-scale soccer field. This design enables all-year-round soccer and track & field training sessions and competitions. 


Winter track & field competitions require shorter -200-meter tracks. Now there is a 400-meter track in Saransk, and it meets the requirements of summer open stadium competitions. The stadium can host regional and state events. 


Magnum and Mondo

Magnum was the main contractor for equipping the soccer and track & field arena: preparing the in-ground elements for pole jumping, long jumps, steeplechase and shot put, and supplying and assembling the subbase and the surface.


Mondo sports surfaces are recognized as the best in the world: no other surface can boast more Olympic games and championships or world records. It is believed by athletes to be the fastest surface. The operational and maintenance statistics also advocate or Mondo equipment: it preserves its technical properties, has longer lifetime, and requires less upkeep. Moreover, the customer based their purchase decision on their own market research and interviews with servicing organizations from Moscow (CSKA) and Cheboksary (Olympic stadium) that use Mondo Sportflex SX. 


Russian and international professional sport associations do not allow any gaps or surface defects, so the mounting works require extreme focus and surgical precision. To reach this level of competence, Magnum assembly workers take regular internships on Mondo production factory in Italy, and read the extensive technical documentation that comes with every Mondo delivery. Nevertheless, the specific conditions of the site need quick decisions and adaptations.

The marking also may have its peculiarities. The allowance is minimal, and the lines have to be painted with high precision. Different track & field sports require different shapes and lines defined by different sets of rules, and all these lines intersect on the same surface. There are just several dozen experts in the whole world who can deliver projects of such complexity. Magnum is proud to have several of these experts among our employees. In Saransk, the surface was mounted by a superior team, including 8 certified experts.


Magnum has worked with Russian Athletics Federation for many years, on various facilities and events. Just before the Saransk project, a similar technology was used to prepare the track & field arena of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, for the 37th Dyachkov and Ozolin Memorial competition. The state of the arena was analyzed, and then some spot repairs were performed on the surface, and the marking was upgraded. Magnum is going to perform repair of the running lanes on the Olympic stadium in Cheboksary, and deliver and mount the arena surface in Kirov.

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