Magnum core work principles


Training and development

Our assembly and fitting, and sports engineering manufacturing teams visited our suppliers’ production facilities of many times. Our teams received their skills, training and qualifications from the equipment manufacturers, including Mondo and HARO. Magnum workers hold internationally recognized certifications and licenses, and, more importantly, have true hands-on expertise. 

Our experts have received certificates of merit and letters of commendation from our customers, heads of districts, cities and sports associations management.


Quality and adherence to deadlines

The key principles of Magnum have always been the high quality and timely delivery. For any type and size of projects, we do our work in the best possible manner to prevent warranty servicing. It can be a simple workout ground or the Krasnodar stadium for 35 thousand people with seated stands. Any project must be flawless, to bring joy and comfort to the general public and to professional athletes. By the way, the 35,000 seats were installed in just 3 months by 12 people. Even two days (and nights) are enough for our team. Our assembly and fitting crew is a group of peers who have incredible bond and who inspire and support each other, to deliver the best results.

Up to this day, the team spirit rules, despite all business trips and field visits. Our team will travel for work and will mount any structure with the same passion and thrill as in the first days. Magnum delivers many projects abroad, as well as in Russia. For a customer from Venezuela, we mounted a mobile parquet floor for a basketball tournament. In Libya, we mounted sports parquet for a basketball venue. In Philippines, we delivered two projects. In New Zealand, for six successive years we supervised HARO Sports parquet mounting works. We also supervised projects in Singapore, Sweden, and Mongolia. And, of course, we delivered projects in former USSR countries – in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.



Our team is versatile. Our experts choose not to specialize in just one type of works, such as being a plaster worker, parquet-floor layer of high rigger. Any expert can deliver multiple works: artificial turf, track & field surfaces, including roll surfaces, self-leveling floors, polyurethane floors, tennis grass courts, seating, extendable stands – telescopic or demountable… We can deliver turnkey ready equipment for volleyball, basketball, and tennis, including in-ground elements. We can mount basketball units on the walls or on the ceiling, we can install protective nets, assemble, set up and tune cardio exercise machines, put together gym furniture and wardrobes. 

Magnum also delivers large-scale quick-mounted structures. A great example is a Veldeman tent and marquee structure y, installed at 25a, Leskova street, that contains two basketball courts and a utility and administrative unit with changing rooms and medical stations. This sports and recreational facility was constructed for Gomelsky Olympic reserve high school No 4. It is a complex structure installed on a prepared foundation, on which arch structures were mounted, connected by telescopic wind girders and a tent. The project was delivered on a tight timeline, in winter. Later, parquet floor and volleyball and basketball facilities were mounted on the subbase that was constructed earlier. 

We constructed and equipped venues of the same type in Kapotnya, Kraskaya Pakhra, Luzhniki, and in the northern parts of Russia - in Yamalo Nenets Autonomous Okrug.    

Magnum delivers demountable parquet flooring for international basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal competitions. We mount and demount specialized mobile acrylic flooring systems for tennis championships and perform maintenance services during the events. 

For three years, Magnum has delivered the flooring for world-class tennis competitions, such as St. Petersburg Open and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy. At Ice Palaces, we mount turnkey ready arena shields by Russian and international suppliers, such as RAITA and VEPE. For example, Magnum mounted RAITA ice rink shields on Krasnoyarks Platinum Arena, built for 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, and delivered all sports equipment, including surfacing and the stands.  

Our long-term clients include World Class, X-Fit, Planeta Fitness, Zebra, Crocus City, Lomov, and Golds Gym. We mount parquet and roll flooring. It is worth noting that projects at gyms and fitness centers are as difficult as projects at other venues. The rooms, gyms and lounges are often odd-shaped. The may be several styles, colors and surface types in the same. However, our team always delivers to the customer’s expectations, performing all works to a high standard of quality and on time.


Result-driven work

The last but not least of our team principles is timely delivery. We have never missed a deadline, failing to meet our customers’ expectations. The team discipline, result-driven attitude, great reliability, and respect for the customer are the foundations of our ability to reach the project objectives.