Indoor sports flooring is a high-quality solution for sports venues of various traffic levels. Because of their excellent characteristics, the surfaces guarantee high safety and durability of materials.

Over the recent years, the quality and reliability of  indoor floor surfaces for sports facilities of various load levels have been improving without doubt. The performance metrics improved several times, which was noted even by the most demanding customers.

Indoor sports floors can be noted for the following features:

  • safety  — anti-slip effect;
  • eco-friendly materials — made of green and toxic-free materials;
  • durable;
  • wear resistance –  the surface can withstand damages and external factors;
  • high shock absorption for great comfort while running and jumping and less vertical stress during any kind of exercises;
  • easy maintenance;
  • ease of use;
  • great elasticity –  can prevent indentations and scratches after dynamic stress.

The floor surface is crash resistant and elastic, it reduces deformation and evens out the irregularities of the base floor. Models for all kinds of tastes and preferences are available on the market. Every customer can choose the best flooring option for their sports hall or arena, by the flooring material, its thickness or exterior features.

The products have all the approval documentation confirming their characteristics.