Sports facilities design

Magnum can take on the obligations as a general designer, including passing all types of approvals for the developed documentation and architectural supervision, or perform only part of the work, acting as a subcontractor.
The design of sports facilities by Magnum includes several stages:
Concept — is the basis and starting point of collaboration with the customer. At this stage, an idea is formed, the appearance is determined, the functional features of the future object are discussed, and its technical and economic indicators are calculated. Here it is necessary to take into account the budget, the population in the microdistrict, city or village, the income level of residents and their preferences, the terrain, its ecological state, the location of roads, educational institutions, residential buildings and other physical culture and sports facilities.
Design project is a large package of documents that includes sketches, diagrams, drawings, 3D visualization of future exteriors and interiors. Architects, technologists, designers think over the engineering systems of the facility: lighting, sounding of sports areas, the possibility of television and radio broadcasts, together with the customer, fill the premises with equipment, appliances, furniture, choose decor.
Project documentation (stage P) - text and graphic materials, documents defining architectural, functional-technological, structural and engineering solutions used as part of the construction project or reconstruction of a sports facility.
Working documentation (P stage) — a set of graphic and text documents that ensure the direct implementation of all the technical solutions adopted in the approved project documentation required for construction and installation works.
Author's supervision is the prompt solution of issues of various levels of complexity that arise in the process of construction work.
All new Magnum projects are designed on a computer-aided design software package that implements the principle of building information modeling (Building Information Modeling, BIM technology).
The design of sports facilities should reflect a number of principles:
Aiming at the effective use of all the possibilities of a building or complex of buildings.
Assessing energy consumption in order to achieve its optimal cost.
Account for the ability to upgrade or extend an object.
Easy to use with minimal maintenance
The unique construction, design, and internal structure of an object based on its purpose and environmental factors.
Thoughtful for the safety of visitors and staff, quick and affordable evacuation in case of emergency.
Calculation of the object's staff for its effective management.
Design the exterior to blend in with the environment.

Architectural workshop is the heart of the Magnum company. With a deep understanding of the needs of the customer, his interests, views, opportunities, the common path to a unique sports facility begins.

The objects designed by the company always have their own individuality, modern ergonomic design, versatility and mobility for various types of competitions and training. The interior and exterior are filled with harmony, rationalism, practicality and ease of use.

Each time working on a new sports facility, the Magnum team of architects and designers feels a huge responsibility, thanks the customer for their trust, and brings their facilities from an idea to a red ribbon.