Information design and navigation

Magnum offers decoration of sports venues, as part of a full-scale project including design, construction and equipment, or as a separate project.

Our deep expertise, production and supply capabilities, and cutting edge technologies enable us to deliver projects of any complexity.

Cut-guide development, design projects, internal and external navigation systems.
Territory information planning.
Implementation of navigation systems and mounting of various structures.


A cut guide is a step-by-step guide to the production, assembly and maintenance of all types of external advertisement, used on various venues.

This set of project and technical documentation with schemes and drafts describes the exact steps to be made and lists all the required materials. It allows any subcontractor to reproduce any external design element in strict accordance with the required style. The cut guide is key to maintaining the corporate identity when decorating objects and to controlling the works delivered by contractors against a set of standards.

Moreover, a cut guide is a ready-to-use tender document that significantly simplifies the supplier selection process.


A design project contains drafts, schemes, drawings, and specifications indicating the used materials, color scheme layouts and color palette options.

Magnum professional team can deliver a design project of any complexity. Our experts, with degrees in technologies, design and art, are guided by the customer’s desires and by with their own professional expertise.

The customer receives several 3D images (visualizations), and a technical report that enable the manufacturer to fabricate the structures in the offered design within the norms and regulations of Russian Federation.


Large-scale structures with an area of over 3 m2 are developed with regard to the snow and wind load capacity. If necessary, a power supply plan can be developed promptly.


Development of navigation and information signs helps visitors to find their way around a place of interest, as well as at special events or in case of public emergency.

The works include developing the signage system for the sports facility rooms, a numbering system for stands, levels and sectors, a system of information signs for the visitors’ convenience, and an advertising system for sponsor ads.

The external and the internal navigation of the building help large streams of people to find their way at sporting events. A wisely placed sign system streamlines arrival, moving around and departure for thousands of people and vehicles within a short time period.

Interior signs are located within buildings, are not susceptible to temperature changes and weather elements, and therefore bring into reality any creative ideas using any imaginable materials while assuring the best quality of the end product.


Facade signs A facade sign is a crucial part of the information and advertising design and the key corporate style medium. It can be manufactured in any shape and size, and equipped with night illumination.


This is a complex structure mounted on top of the building (on its roof). Among all advertising options, this one is the most attractive and memorable. It promoted the image or a company in any business domain, dramatically improves its recognition and visual memorability for the company’s audience.


A vertical advertising sign is installed near buildings or places of mass gatherings to provide information about the place of interest and the route to get to it, and is an essential part of the corporate style.


Working on every project of comprehensive external or internal decoration, Magnum team feels the responsibility and appreciates the trust the customer has with us. We take our projects from the idea to the red ribbon.