Magnum offers comprehensive services in equipment procurement, delivery and assembly, including work on various stages – from venue design to delivery and installation of sports flooring, equipment, and IT and engineering systems and solutions.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Magnum can deliver additional equipment or re-equip a sports facility, become a subcontractor or an advisor (at the design stage or during the construction works). Our representatives will help you on site, demonstrate a video showcase or prepare a project sketch. Our experienced sports engineers will help you to select equipment, develop technical specifications, plan the placement of exercise machines and required embedded parts and additional devices.

Our experts will help to compose and deliver a complex order for multiple equipment items for your organization. We also offer assembly, installation or installation supervision for flooring and the whole range of equipment for:  

Game sports and weightlifting.
Track and field and gymnastics.
Multifunctional gyms.
Fitness centers and swimming pools.
Wrestling rinks.
Open sports grounds.

Magnum also offers delivery and installation of engineering and IT systems and solutions, used as part of technical infrastructure on sports venues:

Stationary stands, demountable stands, and extendable stands.
Electronic displays and electronic timing systems.
Photo finish, sound amplification and lighting systems.
Concert sound reinforcement and stage lighting.
Conference halls equipment.
TV and radio streaming systems.
Automatic partitioning and flag raising systems.
Safety nets and protectors.

Magnum serves as a single point of contact for equipment procurement: the customers can save time, simplify delivery chain and get warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Magnum offers cooperation terms that attract construction companies, small business owners, architects and designers, sports center managers and professional sports coaches.

Equipment is delivered in accordance with the type and purpose of the sports venue and with the customer’s request. After we research the customer’s needs, conditions and deadlines, our expert team delivers and installs the surfaces and equipment. Magnum has its own in-house logistics team, and the means of delivery depends on the exact tasks, and the project timeline.

Our project portfolio includes a large number of sports venues across Russia that host international-level competitions. Therefore, we work only with equipment suppliers who are recognized as international industry leaders, capable of solving the most complex tasks and achieving the most ambitious goals. 

On every equipment procurement project, our architecture, design and construction team appreciates the responsibility and trust our customers place with us. Magnum always brings its projects from the initial concept to the red ribbon stage.