Magnum can participate in a project as a general contractor and perform all works, including receiving all approvals for the developed documentation and construction design supervision, or as a subcontractor performing only a part of works.
Concept – is the first step in our work with the customer. At this stage the concept is generated, the visual image is created, the functional features are discussed, and the technical and economic parameters are estimated. A lot of aspect must be considered: the budgeting, the local population of the district, city or village, their income and their preferences, the terrain features, the ecology, the road infrastructure, the locations of educational institutions, residential areas and of other sports venues.
Design project – project is a comprehensive set of documents, including sketches, drafts and 3D visualizations of the venue exterior and interior. The architects, engineers and designers thoroughly plan the venue’s engineering systems – sound and lightning solutions, radio and TV streaming capacity, and in cooperation with the customer choose the equipment, furniture and decoration.
Design documentation (‘design documentation stage’) – is a set of textual and visual materials and documents that define the architectural, functional, structural and engineering solutions to be used in further venue construction (or reconstruction).
Construction documentation (‘construction documentation stage’) – is a set of textual and visual documents that enable implementation of all chosen technical solutions stated in the approved project design documentation, to be used for construction and assembly works.
Supervision – assures prompt resolution of any issues that arise during the construction works.
All current Magnum projects are designed using a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software system.

Maximum venue efficiency in terms of its rooms and facilities functionality.
Power demand estimates for optimal power consumption.
Venue planning for extendibility and easy upgrades.
Maximal convenience and minimal maintenance resources.
Unique structure, design and interior defined both by the facility purpose and by its environment.
Safety planning for visitors and employees, easy emergency evacuation.
Employee headcount estimation for best facility management.
External decoration that will blend in with the facility environment.
The architecture studio is the heart of Magnum. We strive for deep understanding of the customer needs, interests, attitudes and resources, and believe that this is the first step to creating a unique sports facility.

The facilities designed by Magnum always have their character, and can be noted for great ergonomics, multifunctional capabilities and flexibility that allow hosting various types of training and competitions. The exterior and the interior parts of each building are filled with harmony, rationality and convenience, and assure easy maintenance.

On each sports venue project, our architecture and design team appreciates the responsibility and trust our customers place with us. Magnum always brings its projects from the initial concept to the red ribbon stage.