Turnkey construction of sports facilities

The construction of sports facilities is a set of measures for drawing up an individual project with its subsequent implementation. The work is carried out by a whole team of specialists, taking into account the technical features of the future structure and the client's requests.
For 25 years Magnum has been specializing in the construction of construction projects of any type. Qualified specialists, understanding of all the subtleties of the process and updated technical equipment - this is a guarantee of high-quality services in a timely manner.
What do we offer?

The construction of sports facilities is a rather narrow, but at the same time priority direction. The main task is to introduce healthy habits for the population.

The Magnum company specializes in the construction of sports facilities of any type, including:
  • training bases;
  • sports and recreation complexes of open and closed type;
  • multifunctional sports complexes;
  • international and courtyard format stadiums;
  • children's sports facilities;
  • sport facilities adapted for people with disabilities.

We work according to standard projects, which are compiled on an individual basis, taking into account the main request of the client. Concept preparation, subsequent design and construction are carried out taking into account local conditions.

The construction of sports facilities has become very popular, and is experiencing a special boom. Ice palaces and arenas, equestrian centers, sports palaces and multidisciplinary complexes for training and competitions are being built in a short time. The Magnum company specializes in all areas, and the work is carried out with a guarantee.

On request, the construction of sports facilities is accompanied by a number of support functions. These include assistance in obtaining permits, as well as conclusions from the competent authorities. Projects for the production of works and organization of construction are developed in strict accordance with the established requirements.

20 years since the start of work "Magnum" in Yamal
How is the construction going?

The construction of sports facilities is carried out in accordance with the established algorithm. The main task of specialists is the strict observance of technology and the procedure for performing work. The construction of a sports facility is based on:

  • selection of the optimal building site with subsequent analysis;
  • carrying out topographic surveys and engineering-geological surveys;
  • preparation of project work;
  • obtaining permits from the competent authorities;
  • preparing the construction process;
  • earthworks;
  • laying the foundation;
  • setting the wireframe;
  • roof installation;
  • wiring installation;
  • interior work.

The number of stages and the period of their implementation may vary, depending on the type of object, its size and customer requests.
The construction of sports facilities is a complex process that must be carried out by specialists. The Magnum company is experienced designers and builders with many years of experience. For them there are no restrictions and complex projects. Any plan will be implemented taking into account the established requirements prescribed in the regulatory documents.

Magnum clients

Magnum's clients include government agencies, sports clubs and federations, educational institutions, commercial enterprises and private customers. The company's professionalism is highly appreciated by customers: successful work is underway within the framework of the social programs of PJSC Gazprom Neft and the Russian Platinum Group of Companies, in the implementation of programs of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow and the all-Russian United Russia party.

The construction of sports facilities not only helps to improve the health of the nation, introduce people to cultural ways of spending leisure time, improve the results of professional athletes, but also contributes to the development of cities and rural settlements, helps businesses find new ways to make a profit. The construction of sports facilities in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation makes it possible to create a modern sports infrastructure that will help attract more and more people to sports.

Now the construction of sports facilities is booming: ice palaces and arenas, sports and recreation centers with swimming pools, schools and training facilities, acrobatic and equestrian arenas, sports palaces appear throughout the country. There has been a tendency to create multidisciplinary sports and entertainment complexes, on the territory of which not only competitions or training of athletes, but also concerts, circus shows, conferences, lectures can be held. The design and construction of sports facilities from Magnum is carried out with a guarantee - you can be sure of this at any time, just by looking at our work.

Each time, during the construction of a sports building, the team of architects, designers and builders of the Magnum company feels a huge responsibility, thanks the customer for the trust, brings their objects from an idea to a red ribbon.