Sport hall construction

Magnum offers construction services for gyms and sports venues, along with comprehensive design and equipment. Magnum has been a leader on this market for 25 year. We have commissioned hundreds of venues, from local sportsgrounds tointernational-scale arenas and stadiums – all across Russia, and in other countries


Magnum is ready for projects of any complexity, for all kinds of sports or buildings. We can solve any task, thanks to:

  • thorough approach to design works;
  • an optimal combination of innovative solutions and traditional technologies traditional technologies;
  • use of modern, light and strong structures in combination with concrete  

The type of building is defined by its purpose. By purpose, buildings can be classified as:

  • Specialized sports facilities. Designed as spaces for a specific sports of group of sports - hockey, rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting, etc The sports facility cannot be converted into a general-purpose facility easily, as it is packed with special equipment and infrastructure.
  • Multifunctional. For hosting different types of events. Universal sports equipment is installed to make the facility functional all year round.
  • Physical education and recreational. Intended for amateur sports and public events. Can be equipped for public sport, ping pong, children’s games, and gymnastics.
  • Sports entertainment. Created for active sports, leisure pastime, and competitions in various sports. Are smaller than the previous types of buildings. As an example - we can list squash courts, bowling alleys or billiard rooms.

A sportshall has a large space in the middle that has to be free, the construction approach means that any supporting columns have to be avoided. This task can be solved by designing strong single span metal beams. The facility parameters are always tailored to the task. One of the following techniques can be used:

  • tent and marquee structure;
  • modular structures;
  • prefabricated structures.


Since 2018, these works have been performed using Building Information Modeling (BIM)  software. It simplifies the work of the subcontractor, and streamline the cooperation. This modern technology helps to design and build sports venues of any size.


All around Russia, Magnum had commissioned dozens of these facilities for sports and recreation. A lot of these venues are of international level, and are suitable for international and continental competitions. Magnum’s design team takes into account the climate and the geographic location of the region, and offer the most innovative technical solutions. Every venue designed by the company is a great example of high-tech approach and the choice of the best solution for the local temperatures.