Sports center construction

Magnum has worked in construction for over 25 years. We have accumulated so much expertise in sports venue construction that can deliver a unique project as smoothly as a standard one. Our engineers, designers, architectures, technical experts and construction workers are a great team that helps our customers reach their goals.

Sports center construction

Sports centers have complex floor plans and large scale, and usually serve several functions. To construct such a venue is a challenging task that requires joint effort from a team of qualified professionals. In such projects, we have to consider many aspects: the district infrastructure, the target audience (groups of people who will use the venue), the number of visitors and professional athletes, and whether the venue will host competitions along with regular training sessions.


Before construction, concept development is performed, design and survey works are completed, and design and construction documentation is developed. The type of venue is chosen, its facilities capacity is planned, the purpose of the venue is decided upon, and the parameters of the required equipment are defined. As a result, construction documentation is developed - a set of textual and visual documents that enable implementation of all chosen technical solutions stated in the approved project design documentation, to be used for construction and assembly works.

The construction process of a gym or any other sports venue consists of the following stages.

Construction works begin after the preliminary works are completed, all reviews are passed and permits are obtained. Construction works by Magnum include the following:

  • Survey operations. The workers level out the ground, set up the draining system for ground water. The technical plan developed on the earlier project stages is georeferenced.
  • Foundation laying. The foundation is built with a significant safety margin. This approach makes the lifespan longer at the same cost.
  • Building and assembly. Creating the key structure of the venue.
  • Engineering infrastructure set up. Ventilation, heating, piping etc.
  • Decoration. Applying the exterior and interior decorative materials chosen during the design.
  • Procurement. Installing the sports equipment, exercise machines and gear.
  • Landscaping. Improving the territory around the venue.

The construction process during a specific project may be different, depending on the venue purpose. The work scope is defined by the project requirements.


Construction of arenas and similar structures is among Magnum key lines of business. The implementation of such projects requires experience, human resources, and cooperation with leading suppliers of high-quality materials.

Over its 25 years of history, Magnum has delivered a large number of projects, from designing and building small sports grounds to multi-level arenas and stadiums. Our extensive experience assures that the constructions meet all the requirements of our customers and regulatory bodies.

Indoor synthetic ice hockey rink in Muravlenko

An ice rink for training sessions in hockey, figure skating and for public skating.

The venue consists of:

  • Synthetic ice rink.
  • Stands for 400 visitors.
  • Choreography room.
  • Weightlifting room.
  • Saunas.
  • Changing rooms, utility and technical rooms.

A universal pitch for professional training sessions or mass entertainment.

Ice center Avangard in Labytnangi, Yamalo Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The building has 2 floors. The first floor contains the wardrobe, lobby, rental facilities, box offices, canteen, changing rooms with showers, massage room, and other facilities. The second floor contains choreography and weightlifting rooms, storage rooms, a classroom, the management office and utility rooms.

The venue’s capacity is 105 people per skating session. The audience capacity is up to 400 people. And the total floor area of the building if over 5,000 m2.

Such a complex project is the best illustration of Magnum capabilities. Out team consists of highly qualified engineers, designers and construction workers.

You can find detailed case descriptions for our projects in the Portfolio section of our web site.