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"AIKA" sport and fitness complex, Norilsk
The complex features more than 10,000 square meters of sports facilities. Its total capacity is approximately 2,000 people.
On September 3, the grand opening of the Mashinostroitel Stadium took place.
“Belgorod Arena” sports complex, Belgorod
The “Belgorod Arena” sports complex is a unique arena of Olympic scale with a capacity of 10 thousand spectators. It is a five-store multifunctional space that hosts mass sports and cultural events of different levels: volleyball, basketball, handball, mini-football, tennis and other sports competitions, exhibitions, circus shows and concerts.
“Dynamo” sports complex, Chelyabinsk
In the city of Chelyabinsk, a new “Dinamo” sports complex was constructed.
In this project, Magnum acted as the general designer. The customer of the project is Gals Group (owner of the Gals Development brand).
The sports complex has a total building area of 14,000 m² and 6 main spaces: multipurpose sports room, gym and martial arts room, swimming pool, waterpark, ice arena and a block for spectators with bleachers.
Slava stadium, Moscow
Work on the reconstruction of the stadium.
In order to improve the quality of competitions and training processes, the poured flooring that was installed before the renovation has been completely replaced with Mondo roll flooring (IAAF-certified, class 1.
Sport as a life style federal project
As a part of the national project “Sport as a life style”, Magnum supplied 262 sets of sports and technical equipment to construct local sports grounds in 27 Russian regions.
Polyarniy sports center, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
At the end of 2019, Magnum commissioned the Polyarny sports and recreational center
Skolkovo sports center, Moscow region
Supply and installation.
Track and field arena, Stavropol
surface installation, sports equipment supply and installation, mark-up
FIFA 2018 heritage concept
Magnum has worked with the Luzhniki stadium for many years, and as a part of this cooperation, Magnum constructed three tent and marquee structures on the stadium premises.
Zhavoronki universal sports center, Moscow region
The universal sports center is intended for gymnastics, sports dancing, swimming and physical education.
Advertising media boards for seven stadiums.
LED advertising boards for FIFA 2018 soccer stadiums - supply and installation
Match Point volleyball arena, Moscow
Sports parquet floor installation on the main arena, in the large hall and in the training hall.
Moskomsport Sports School, Moscow
Moskomsport Sports School
Mondo Sportflex Super X 10 mm track and field surface for the running lanes, and long jumps facility - supply and installationat the universal volleyball and basketball court

Orenburzhye Sports Center, Orenburg

The independent state sports and recreational center Orenburzhye.

Avangard Ice Palace, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
The Ice Palace building has two parts.
The sports center of the Moskomsport Olympic Reserve Sports School No.47, Moscow
The sports center can be used for swimming training sessions of the Moskomsport Olympic Reserve Sports School No.47
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