Olympic training center, Moscow region

Project description

The sketch project sketch for the Olympic Sports Training center of the Moscow region, which will

serve as a drilling facility for the international sport teams of Russian Federation.

In the center of the venue is the soccer and track and field area with stands for 300

spectators. The sports facility is surrounded by indoor sports buildings, connected by a heated

gallery. The key venues of the Olympic Training Center can host training drills for 19 Olympic sports.

It includes the following facilities:

a universal sports hall with stands for 300 spectators, a skating rink and a curling track, a swimming pool and

a trampoline facility, a rhythmic gymnastics room, a shooting range, a fencing hall,

a boxing and kickboxing rink, a hall for Graeco-Roman and free-style wrestling, judo, sambo, a weightlifting room, a facility for

tennis with 4 courts, a table tennis facility, a beach volleyball facility, a 21x15 m rowing pool, an equestrian arena.

There is an office and utility unit with additional facilities, such as a 3-star hotel for 600 people, to host the sports teams, a restaurant (3 rooms) for 450 people, a cafe&bar with a dance-floor, a canteen for 300 people, administration office, service staff rooms, a cinema for 200 seats, a bowling alley with 20 lanes, a billiard room with 8 tables, a medical and rehabilitation center and an education center with classrooms.

Apart from these, it is suggested that open sports grounds will also be constructed on the premises, such as:

(4 tennis courts and beach volleyball grounds), mountain-bike track, archery shooting range, a 10-houses cottage village, a rowing station, a parking lot for the spectators, athletes and staff, and a helicopter pad.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • The site development area: 25.3 ha
  • Construction area: 51, 468.0 m2
  • Total floor area: 127, 880.0 m2
  • Capacity: 600 athletes, 600 spectators

For this project, Magnum team developed a Project Sketch.

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