Soccer and track and field stadium, Tarko-Sale


Project description

A stadium for a specialized children and youth Olympic Reserve Sports School Avangard opened in Tarko-Sale on the 1 of September, Magnum was responsible for reconstruction works.

The stadium has a modern soccer field; stands for 1000 people with a roof and places for visitors with limited mobility; Mondo running tracks, long jump and triple jump facilities, and a universal sports ground for game sports.

The stadium can be used for sports competitions as well as training sessions.

The soccer and track and field arena includes:

- a 105х68 m soccer field with artificial turf, mark-up and drainage system

- 4 circle running lanes with synthetic surface;

- 6 straight 110m running tracks with artificial surface, integrated with the straight part of the circle running track.

- the North semi-circle has 2 jump pits with sand pits on both sides of the take-off pit

- the South semi-circle has a universal game sports ground (28x15) with artificial surface, marked up for basketball (28x15) and volleyball (18x9m).

- 5-row stands with cantilever roof (1000 seats)

- a 2.2m-high fence around the soccer and track and field stadium;

- 6m-high fence around the field, with ball stop nets;

- 1.2m-high fence for the stands;

- information display with a metal set-up frame and foundation;

- 4 six-meter and 1 nine-meter flagpoles;

- stadium lighting

- 20x15m workout ground;

- a checkpoint;

- equipment storage facility;

- parking for 78 vehicles.

Landscaping works, including trees and lawns.

Type of jobs

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