Project Description

The design project includes a building that will serve several functions:

  • indoor soccer arena for 6, 000 people
  • a recreational and rehabilitation center
  • a cultural and entertainment center.

The architectural volume solution of the sports venue includes the following functional parts:

  • sports arena
  • entrance lobby facilities<

The design project includes a 105х68 m2 international-level soccer field with artificial turf. The arena will be equipped with a modern immersive sound system, an adjustable lighting system, a digital scoreboard, technical balconies, and video camera installation points. All this will enable the arena to hosts international competitions.

The entrance lobbies for the visitors are located at the North and South sides of the arena. There will also be drive-ins for vehicles, pedestrian paths, and parking lots. The entrance lobby is a walk-through path to the galleries that lead to the stands. The third floor on one of the stands will accommodate VIP boxes, and the opposite side will accommodate commentary booths and press booths.

Under the tribunes there will be a number of rooms: changing rooms, massage rooms, warm up halls for the soccer teams, a medical and rehabilitation center, a fitness center with a gym, an aerobics hall and a beauty salon.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • total floor area: 20, 990.0 m2
  • building volume: 303, 500.0 m3
  • construction area of the building: 17, 400.0 m2

For this project, Magnum team developed a Project Sketch.