The Zenit universal sports- a tent and marquee structure, Muravlenko, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Project description

Design and construction of the Zenit multifunctional center, with the following facilities:

on the first floor:

  • 38x20 m universal sports hall Universal sports hall
  • utility facilities

(entrance lobby, changing rooms, W/Cs, coaches’ room, janitor’s room)

on the second floor:

  • gym
  • chillout zone

It is a tent and marquee structure that consists of a fast-mountable arch metal frame and a multi-layer outer surface, made of fortified PVH material.

The PVH material is not prone to corrosion, nor a reaction with chemical substances.

The frame is modular, which provides a stable 3D shape and volume and makes the mounting easier, as the modules are interchangeable and the support is assured by the whaler system.

The structure can be used at temperatures from -60 to +70 °С

Technical and economic parameters:

  • construction area: 932.0 m2
  • Total floor area of the building: 979.5 m2
  • building volume: 6, 120.0 m2
  • floor 1 area: 906.0 m2
  • crawl space area (below the roof) in the integrated facility: 103.0 m2
  • building height: 9.2 m

Materials and equipment:

  • Veldeman tent structure
  • Linowood sports surface
  • Stramatel scoreboard
  • Schelde basketball shooting stations
  • Schelde volleyball equipment
  • Schelde tennis equipment
  • safety nets

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