Indoor basketball ground for the sports School No.4, named after A. Gomelsky, Moscow


Project description

The Tent and marquee structure of the basketball hall consists of portable metal frame and a fortified PVH tent that can be set up from the outside and from the inside, with air insulation, and can be further insulated. Other materials are not used neither in exterior nor in interior decoration.

The tent can be folded up in warm weather, creating a feeling of an outdoor training session. At the same time, the hall is protected from wind, bright light or heating.

The center has all the rooms and facilities that are required by the official standards. It consists of the following parts:

- entrance lobby with a wardrobe

- changing rooms

- doctor's office

- W/Cs

- security room

- basketball field

- equipment storage room

- coaches’ rooms

- technical rooms

The building volume is also created from a combination of two tents - a 25х35 tent and a 36х36 tent. Office and utility buildings separate the sports grounds in this option from each other.

Total floor area – 2, 610.00 m2

Construction area: 2, 199.80 м2

Building volume: 17, 729.35 m3

Address: Moscow, Leskov St., 25A.

Type of jobs

Equipment   Design   Construction  

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