Indoor sports court with artificial ice, Salekhard


Project description


The building can be used for recreational purposes and public skating.

The ice rink is 60X30 m.

The building is a single space with three functional parts: the visitor’s zone, the artificial ice rink and the engineering facility.

The entrance has a ramp for visitors with limited mobility. All front steps have a canopy protecting it from the rain and snow.

Changing rooms with W/Cs and shower rooms are located in the main part of the building, in the integrated facility. The changing rooms are equipped with accessible shower rooms and universal W/Cs.

Technical and economic parameters

Total floor area of the building: 2, 853.9 m2

Floor 1 area: 2, 837.76 m2

Building volume: 27, 900 m3

Construction area: 3, 035.37 m2

Type of jobs

Equipment   Design   Construction  

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