Project Description

The ice rink is intended for competitions and training drills in hockey and figure skating, as well as for public skating.

Type^ tent and marquee structure. It is a tent and marquee structure that consists of a fast-mountable arch metal frame and a multi-layer outer surface, made of fortified PVH material.

The indoor skating rink project is a one-floor building with an integrated one-floor utility facility. The size of building is 40.4 х 80.0 m, the size of the integrated utility facility is 15.0 х 38.4 m. Above the integrated facility, there is a technical floor for ventilation equipment.

A PVH tent will be used for enclosure, which will be put on the inside and on the outside of the support frame, and will shape a 380-mm wide wall. No other materials are used for the outer decoration.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • 3, 200 m2 indoor skating rink, including
  • a 2, 600 m2 artificial ice arena, with a 30x61 m hockey rink and stands for 150 people. The ice arena space is design suggests a tent and marquee structure.
  • a 40x15 module with utility facilities.

Total floor area: 600 m2.

Its parts include:

  • entrance lobby with a wardrobe
  • canteen
  • 2 team changing rooms for 25 athletes, with drying solutions for uniforms
  • coaches’ room;
  • referees’ room
  • doctor's office
  • skating rink administration office
  • staff room
  • W/Cs
  • control room
  • security room

No. of floors: 1 floor (+a technical floor).