Indoor artificial ice rink, Podsineye settlement, Khakassia

Project description

The indoor ice rink is intended for hockey training drills and competitions.

The suggested building design uses Veldeman tent and marquee structures (Belgium).

It is a one-floor building with an integrated utility facility. The size of the main object is 40.4 х 80.0 m, the size of the integrated utility facility is 15.0 х 38.4 m.

Above the integrated facility, there is a technical floor for ventilation equipment. There is also a refrigerator facility that is located in the extension building.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • The floor area of the integrated utility facilities: 642.6 m2
  • Skating rink area: 2, 480.0 m2
  • Utility attic floor area: 555.4 m2
  • Total floor area of the building: 3, 678.1 m2
  • Construction area: 3, 424.5 m2
  • Building volume: 36, 123.4 m3
  • The construction volume of the integrated utility facilities: 2, 636.4 m3

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