Avangard Ice Palace, Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Project description

The Ice Palace building has 2 parts.

The first floor accommodates: a wardrobe, an entrance lobby with W/Cs and a rental point, ticket offices, a canteen, rooms for athletes, changing rooms with showers, a massage room, two coaches’ rooms and a referee room, a doctor's office, technical and utility rooms.

The second floor has choreography halls and weight training rooms, an equipment storage room, two changing rooms with showers, a classroom, administration office, a coaches’ room, and utility rooms.

Building’s capacity (per 1 shift): 105 people

Up to 400 spectators.

Technical and economic parameters:

Construction area: 4450.6 m2

Total floor area of the building: 5411.30 m2

Building volume: 46, 573.50 m3

Number of floors: 2

Type of jobs

Construction   Design   Equipment   Information design and navigation  

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