Universal entertainment center, Zavidovo, Tver region

Project description

The project includes construction of a multifunctional entertainment center and a 600-seat transformable auditorium.

The site is located in Tver region.

The venue concept is that all facilities are connected by a single gallery, directing the visitors to one of the three zones.

  • An aqua park and a pool
  • Gyms, SPA, canteen and administrative staff rooms, bowling and billiard facilities (semi-basement level)
  • Transformable sports hall

Technical and economic parameters:

  • Total floor area: 14, 810.0 m2
  • Construction area: 7, 000.0 m2
  • Building volume: 68, 300, 0 m3, out of which below 0.000: 15, 600.0 m3

For this project, Magnum team developed a Project Sketch.

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