Project description

This project is unique in that it is fully implemented in accordance with BIM modeling standards. Thus, throughout the entire life cycle - from design and construction to operation - the complex will be managed on the basis of an information model in which the data on each building element is updated on a regular basis.

Our main idea was to create a single complex while integrating it into the rhythm of the neighborhood's pedestrian life. The site is under the influence of the main local gravity centers - Petrovskiy Park, Dynamo Stadium, the eponymous metro station, premium-class residential complex, as well as transportation arteries of Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Maslovka and Leningradskoye highway.

Besides, one of the main pedestrian arteries cuts through the site, effectively dividing it into equal parts. Due to this feature, an oasis shaped like an “hourglass”, a kind of connection of mirror triangles - pedestrian rays - was formed. As a consequence, an intermediate location was created at the intersection of these streams, which was decided to be used as a place for recreation and sports.

The “Dynamo” complex includes:

  • training ice arena for 100 seats;
  • martial arts room;
  • gymnasium with 1,000 seats for spectators;
  • multifunctional sports room with grandstands for spectators and temporary stands (bleachers) for 1,000 seats. A transformer room can be transformed from one playground to three training grounds.

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