Project Description

This is a design for the National soccer center in Zvenigorod.

The construction site is boarding with the residential zone and a driveway from the West, and the vehicle have to enter from the highway to the North of the site. The river banks are connected by a bridge for pedestrians and light vehicles.

The entrance for visitors is located at the main site that also hosts an administration office building, a residential zone and indoor sports venues.

Floor 1: hotel’s entrance lobby, restaurants, conference room, and pressroom.

Floor 2: - education office, classrooms for coaches’ education, conference room for press events.

Floor 3: managers’ offices, archive rooms, library rooms, and a soccer history museum.

The residential zone consists of multi-floor hotel buildings. The open sports facilities are located on the opposite bank of the river. Near the drive, in the northern part of the site, there are a soccer field with stands for 3, 000 seats and the visitors’ parking lot. The central part of the territory includes soccer drill fields with natural and artificial turf, and open sports grounds.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • the site development area: 27.6 ha
  • construction area: 20, 078.0 m2
  • total floor area of the buildings and facilities: 43, 600.0 m2
  • total floor area of the sorts surfaces: 57, 700.0 m2

For this project, Magnum team developed a Project Sketch.