Muravlenko sports and recreational center, Muravlenko

Project description

The first floor has the following rooms: wardrobes, security rooms, entrance lobby, reception area, ticket office, canteen, W/Cs for the spectators, a universal sports hall with changing rooms, coaches’ rooms and equipment storage rooms, a sauna facility, a therapeutic bath facility for disabled visitors, and administration office rooms. Universal sports hall for volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball and futsal. The hall is equipped with the modern sports equipment: portable basketball stands, boards for training, volleyball and tennis nets, and handball goals. There are telescopic stands with 352 seats, including 7 seats for visitors with limited ability. The second level accommodates: a 6-lane pool (25х11m) with corresponding additional facilities; a warm-up room; a gym and an aerobics hall. There are 100-seat stands along the long side of the pool. The stand has three rows, equipped with plastic seats. There is a VIP box on the second floor. It has a W/C and its own door to the stairs. There are commentary booths for streaming and live comments during events, in the pool and in the sports hall. On the third floor, there is an office for Coaches’ Councils, and Referees Panels.

Total floor area of the building: 7, 323.50 m2


Floor 1 (at the 0.000 level) - 3, 732.80 m2

Floor 1 (at the +4.200 level) - 2, 316.10 m2

technical floors (at the +8.400, +9.900, +11.850 levels) — 981.50 m2

- crawl space (at the -3.300 level) — 293.10 m2

Building volume: 55, 299.80 m3


above 0.000 - 49, 987.00 m3

below 0.000 - 5, 312.80 m3

Construction area: 4, 150 m2

Type of jobs

Equipment   Design   Construction  

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