Noyabrsk stadium, Noyabrsk


Project description

This venue was constructed by Magnum as part of Gazpromneft’s Hometowns social investment program. The new sports center is fully accessible for visitors with limited mobility. The center consists of the following parts:

The soccer stadium includes a soccer field with a cutting-edge artificial surface and track and field lanes, long jump and triple jumps facilities, a universal sports ground for basketball and volleyball. Indoor stands can seat up to 556 people, and open stands can seat up to 462 people. The soccer field has 50mm artificial turf, made of special synthetic grass with quartz sand infill of certain size and rubber granules. The combination of those elements makes the surface durable, strong and stable. The sports grounds and the running lanes have an even surface without skews, thanks to the synthetic sheet surface installed on an asphalt-concrete base. The stadium is available all year round. The stadium surface allows its transformation into an ice rink for public skating of hockey.

The wrestling center consists of a boxing rink, and two wrestling zones with 50 seats for spectators. The wrestling center can host up to 6 training sessions per day. There are two tatamis, a boxing rink, exercise machines and a warm-up zone. There is also a strength training room, equipped with exercise machines.


Construction area:

- a soccer field with a running track – 9, 372 m2

- space for portable stands – 347 м2

Portable stands can seat up to – 462 people

Administration and utility building with adjacent stands. – 1, 243 m2

Stands seating capacity – 556 people

Building volume: 14, 980 m3

Number of floors: 3

Height level:- 17, 98 m

Type of jobs

Equipment   Design   Construction  

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