Project Description
A 90х55 soccer arena with an adjacent 3-floor utility building and a number of separate facilities, such as an indoor parking and a transforming substation.

Technical and economic parameters:
Buildings’ total floor area 7, 821.75 m2
soccer arena 6, 304 m2
administration and utility building 1, 452 m2
indoor parking for maintenance machines 65.75 m2
Construction volume of all buildings: 135, 959.26 m3
soccer arena 130, 177.76 m3
administration and utility building 5, 431.50 m3
indoor parking for maintenance machines 350 m3
Administration and utility building, number of floors: 3
A parking lot for 31 vehicles
Facility’s one-time capacity: 80 people
Address :ow 40, Suzdalskaya street, Moscow