Shiryaevo Pole tennis center, Moscow

Project description

The project included has the following facilities:

  • 6 indoor tennis courts, located in separate interconnected units.
  • open court and stands for 1000 seats
  • administration and utility facility, that connects the indoor courts, which are currently in the design phase. The medical and rehabilitation center and the cafe are located in the administrative and utility building.
  • 25 open courts, grouped 3 courts plus 2 separate courts equipped with modular stands.
  • 3 cottages as accommodation for the teams
  • a parking lot for non-heavy vehicles (148 vehicles)

Variant 1 - Court buildings with decorative plastering and natural stone facades

Variant 1 - Court buildings with ventilated facades.

Technical and economic parameters:

  • total site area: 5.0 ha
  • construction area of the indoor courts, administrative unit and the parking: 5, 292.0 m2
  • construction area of the cottages: 360, 0 m2
  • the area of flat sports venues: 11, 664.0 m2

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