Novogorsk training center, Moscow region

Project description

The concept of the center for the athletic teams includes the construction of several sports facilities: an indoor track and field arena, a unit of utility facilities, a 6-lane track and field facility, a soccer field, training drills facility for throwing sports, a track for running events.

The architectural solution consists of two spaces: a sports venue with the arena and a 2-floor service building that acts as an extension to the arena.

The 127х66 m arena has:

  • a standard 200-m circle track with 4 lanes
  • a 290-m circle track with 4 lanes (24.m turn radius)
  • a 60-m straight track with 8 lanes
  • two pole vault facilities
  • three long jump and triple jump facilities
  • four pole vault facilities
  • shot put facility (with a protective cage)
  • a training drill facility for discus throw and hammer throw
  • a training drill facility for javelin throw (30-m run up lane)
  • a soft foam lane
  • a straight track for 100-m and 110-m race with 4 lanes

The first floor of the extension building includes:

  • changing rooms for athletes who are attending in the arena building
  • entrance lobby facilities
  • doctor's office
  • sports equipment storage rooms

Floor 2:

  • administration and utility facilities
  • technical rooms for engineering infrastructure systems

Technical and economic parameters:

  • capacity: 90 people per shift
  • construction area: 9, 000.0 m2
  • total floor area of the building: 9, 560.0 m2, including:
  • 1, 100.0 m2 utility facilities
  • building volume: 88, 600.0 m3

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